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Program Services and Consultancy Unit (PROSPEK) which is part of the FIELD Indonesia Foundation, is a program and consultancy services in agriculture, forestry, democracy, environmental health, policy, education, and leadership to increase the capacity of communities and institutions at national and international levels.

PROSPEK vision is to provide services and consulting to improve democracy, welfare, and environmental health of communities of farmers / rural.

Its mission to provide services and consultancy to achieve a balanced ecosystem and environmental decent life for the farmers / rural; strengthen the knowledge and skills of farmers community / rural education through a participatory, action research, and strengthening organizational networks; improve the quality of governance of public and private services for the community.

PROSPEK provides services and consulting to the development of human resources through education and training in the field: Climate Change, Leadership, Organic Farming, Biodiversity Development, Agroforestry Development, Livelihood Development, System of Rice Intensification (SRI), Water Supply and Watershed Management (DAS), Community Economic Development through Credit Union, Participatory Action Research, People Organizing and Advocacy, Environmental Education for Children, gender, Strategic Planning, Program design Development, Development Media People, Making Telling Our Story, Strengthening Management and financial Institutions, Development program report, Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation, technical assistance activities to maintain the quality of programs (quality Control), Assistance to build community participation and stakeholder / Networking, Participatory Research for Development Planning and community Capacity Building.

With long experience in the field of community development FIELD Indonesia and extensive network, the services and consulting provided by PROSPECT will have qualities that can be accounted for and the approach that is always up to date.

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