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Development of the Green Revolution in the last three decades in Indonesia has donated a lot of changes to the welfare of rural communities. This change involves many aspects, not just farming system but also economic, social, cultural and policy making. During this period, we have lost the traditional farming culture become modern agriculture, and many uses of agricultural machinery and use chemicals inputs in the form of agricultural packages. Application of agricultural packages have created dependency the farmers to other parties, especially multi-national companies of agro-chemicals. Lately, in relation to the free market system and globalization, the WTO (World Trade Organization) is promoting the emergence of the Second Green Revolution. To avoid the worst conditions for farmers, FIELD Indonesia initiative to work with PHT farmers in the Local Food System Development Program and Biodiversity Sustainable Agriculture In Rural Communities. Through this programs, FIELD Indonesia will facilitate rural communities to develop sustainable food systems and supporting the return of agricultural biodiversity in the countryside.

The program is a pilot programs, so that its implementation is focused on a limited location. Planned program conducted in 2 districts who are robust PHT farmers groups who still apply the principles of sustainable agriculture. This location is expected to have a relationship with another FIELD Foundation programs. In each district there will be two action research groups from different villages. Each research group will consist of 30 people and 3 people are guided by a guide.

Action research approach as the primary approach for learning and empowerment. At the end of the programs, we hoped the initiative will generate action in order to change local policies developed from action research activities.

This program aims to develop the concept of Local Food Systems Society developed from the experience of the people themselves; identify local potential int the communities in order to improve the quality of life of rural communities; improve the function and role of the community in order to organize collective action through action research activities, and implement initiatives and identify changes local government policies that support local food systems.

Implementation of the proposed programs to be implemented within 2 years. This period is divided into 3 phases with the stipulation different focus at each stage. In the first phase, focused on the Organizing Group through Action Research event by society; Phase Second, after the research is focused on the activities of Action, and the third phase, efforts are focused on local policies related to the birth of the local food system.

From this program, about 120 farmers from two districts involved in the development of Local Food Systems through action research activities; 12 PHT farmers trained as guides guiding action research; 10 PHT farmers working as the Local Support Team is capable of organizing the implementation of the program at the district level; emergence of public awareness to organize themselves into collective action among them; Performs advocacy to promote and disseminate the realization of Local Food Systems in rural areas, and Achieve initiative for local policy changes related to Local Food Systems.

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