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FIELD-Indonesia Foundation (Farmer Initiatives for Ecological Livelihoods and Democracy -Indonesia) is an Non-Government Organization which support marginal society group through educational empowerment pattern. FIELD Indonesia was established in July 2001, was formed by alumni of the technical assistance team FAO-IPM Program (Integrated Pest Management) Asia (1998-2002), and the technical assistance team FAO-National IPM Program Indonesia (years 1989-2002), which supports a network of peasant organizations local and Indonesian IPM Farmers Association.

As a non-profit organization, FIELD-Indonesia hopes to help marginalized communities get their lives back and can manage to improve their welfare, and moves to strengthen democracy, justice, and environmental health.

Therefore, FIELD-Indonesian mission can facilitate the public to be able to strengthen the farmers who vulnerable to become actors in an effort to fight (the realization of) a balanced ecosystem, and earn a decent living, and strengthen the movement of the farmers / rural through participatory education, action research and strengthening the network of farmers’ organization.

Since established in 2001 FIELD-Indonesia has undertaken various community development through education and training in the areas of: Climate Change, Biodiversity Development, Agroforestry Development, System of Rice Intensification (SRI), Water Supply and Watershed Management (DAS), Development economic community through Credit Union, Participatory Action Research, Advocacy and Organizing people, disaster risk reduction and climate change, gender, Strategic Planning, people Media development, development of genetic resources by farmers; local food systems and community livelihoods development; Enhancing the role of the community to local advocacy and policy change; development of ecological farming-organic rice, and vegetables; Strengthening planning mitigation and adaptation to climate change communities; watershed management and community-based agroforestry; Conservation of biodiversity, and Consultancy.

In the implementation of the program, FIELD-Indonesia has been working with community organizations, non-governmental national and international, universities, governments, and funders.

FIELD uses several patterns of activity in the process of learning from experience, such as Field Schools, farmers Studies, Participatory Action Research, Participatory Planning, PRA, Sustainable Livelihoods Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment of Climate Change, and Community Advocacy.

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