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List of Field Instructions:

  1. Participatory Monitoring Tools for Participatory Plant Breeding
  2. Enhancing Farmers’ Role in Crop Development
  3. Participatory Plant Breeding in Farmer Field Schools
  4. Farmers reference guide SLPHT
  5. Starvation in Plants
  6. Scouting and Group Dynamics
  7. Farmers Participatory in Plant Breeding Rice Development
  8. Development of Ecological Agriculture-Organic by Farmers
  9. Organizing, Forums, and Media People
  10. PHT Palawija Exercise
  11. Field Instructions for SLPHT Soybean
  12. Strengthening Farmers Guides
  13. Food Security, Health, and Nutrition Integrated
  14. Facilitating Farmer’s Action Research
  15. Facilitating Participatory Planning
  16. Study of Farmers, Farmers Movement Towards PHT

For further information about these field instructions, please contact us at:

FIELD Indonesia
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