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Farmers’ Science

Farmers – as well as the other communities – has a complex life. They deal with the matter of cultivation, purchase and sale of agricultural inputs or marketing agricultural products, social life and networking among farmers, interactions with other stakeholders, as well as governance and policy issues, interaction with nature (environmental management) as well as other aspects of life.

In order to “play a healthy / fair play” in various aspects as the well (in the sense of not being bullied, not oppressive, and can manage well so that life can go on a healthier and longer-lived), then the farmers need to understand how each of the “ecosystem” works. Means they need to understand:

  • who the players who play in these ecosystems
  • what is the role and function
  • how these players work
  • a cause – effect that occurs in the interaction between players

By understanding how it all works “ecosystems of life” it is expected that the farmer can determine what action needs to be done to manage it. Understanding the process or the search for answers is called SCIENCE.

In this process there are at least 2 SCIENCE important things, namely:

  1. Scientific Attitude:
    • The attitude of wanted to find out, seek answers, and action / effort to seek answers directly from problems faced, not only heard from others or read the book, and to be critical of information or knowledge from outside.
    • The attitude of like to find out in the context of science farmers, not just wanted to know, but rather related to the needs, interests, and living conditions.
  1. Scientific Method:

Methods or techniques to search for answers, evidence, conclusions, understanding. There are several kinds of techniques search for answers – which we call the term RESEARCH or STUDIES – are:

    • Observation
    • Experiment

In this scientific process, farmers experienced a series of processes in outline as follows:

The results of this process including knowledge of science and technology. So, basically:

  • Science is a PROCESS of questioning and searching for answers, while OUTCOME can be knowledge or technology.
  • Science farmers is a process of finding answers by farmers in order to manage their better livelihood.

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