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Farmers’ Media

People media is a medium that can be used as a means to deliver information to the public or to support the movement carried out by the public in an effort to solve the problems they face. The form adapted to the movements that will be done by the community.

Some forms of people media can be developed are in the form of audio (music, radio broadcasts), visual (photos, posters, leaflets, comics, picture cards; mold material (case stories, news sheets, fact sheets, reading materials), Audio Visual (films, video documentaries), and Multimedia (Performing Arts, the props).

In the programs that give priority to participatory learning and engage the wider community, requires people media to disseminate information to the public, especially to spread the message to be conveyed and the results achieved from the program. So, the people media can be a tool to support the learning process and as a means for people’s movement.

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