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Ecological Agriculture is a farming process with regard land ecosystems where farmers can manage their ecosystem, and can reduce production costs by using their own seeds, use of fertilizers and pesticides, plant-based self-made environmentally friendly. Thus, more independent farmers in cultivation. Self-reliance is what will strengthen the existence of farmers’ social, economic, and cultural.

Agriculture is a subsistence sector, which for the moment agriculture is less attracted attention for the occupied, because the results obtained are relatively small, so many was left by the society, especially the younger generation. This is clearly a threat to food security, because food is a basic need for human beings to live. One of the causes of the declining interest in becoming farmers is the imbalance between production costs and the income derived from the farm to meet their needs. Higher production costs, while the results are no longer satisfactory. The high cost of production does not just happen, because it has been more than 30 years, farmers’ dependence on external inputs such as chemical fertilizers, seeds, pesticides and other inputs. The use of these inputs was also contributes significant land damage. Doses used tends to increase, while the yield obtained is often decreased. So that input costs are increasingly high.

Ecological agriculture developed to give new hope to farmers and answer the problems that exist, such as high input costs, the loss of local resources, deteriorating soil quality and ecosystem balance, and the low income of farmers.

In addition to produce a healthy Agricultural product, ecological agricultural products are also better appreciated by the market. With such an opportunity for farmers to be self-sufficient farming business and livelihood will be better.

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