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Development of organic farming is the basis for the realization of sustainable agricultural development. Agriculture is affected by natural and human factors. Lately, the agricultural sector tend to focus on the production and still a bit of attention to both factors. Nature and humans positioned as a means of production, thus resulting in the existence of a condition to which they are exploited. This exploitation resulted in a decrease in soil fertility through the use of chemical inputs intensively to achieve production targets. In this condition, the farmers did not benefit because they have to pay high for their farm, in addition to the farmers is also still adversely affected by agricultural trade system is not favor of the farmers.

Based on the above conditions, FIELD-Indonesian Foundation together with the Association of Indonesian PHT Farmers in Lampung Province has conducted a program of development of ecological agriculture by farmers since December 2003, supported by Hivos Netherlands.

The program is implemented in two districts and Tanggamus Tulang Bawang district in Lampung Province, ie in Tulang Bawang district, a program implemented in makarti village, sub-district and village Tumijajar Patoman, District of Pagerlaran, Tanggamus.

One-year program of activities focused on curriculum development, training for farmers, Organic Field School application, the implementation of the action for the marketing research and evaluation activities and the exchange of experience meeting the program outcomes.

Through these activities to build awareness of farmers to manage and utilize local natural resources; Improve the ability of farmers to undertake studies in the search for alternative solutions resulting in a change of mindset and increasing creativity, as well as disseminating the results of the program to the farmers, the public community, private and government.

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