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FIELD Indonesia work with a variety of Community Organization / Non-Profit Organization, such as:

  • IPPHTI (PHTI Indonesian Farmers Association) has a membership not less than 1 million farmers in 11 provinces in Indonesia, 26,000 of which enabled as the farmer guides;
  • JARKAM (Village Network for Tondano river Watershed Management);
  • People’s Coalition for the Right of Water;
  • IGJ;
  • People’s Coalition for Food Sovereignty;
  • LPS-HAM;
  • Bantaya;
  • WE and the network;
  • CARE Bangladesh;
  • CUSO;
  • PPRDI;
  • PAN-AP;
  • Srer Khmer (Cambodia);
  • PEAC (China);
  • Thai Education Foundation (Thailand);
  • International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI);
  • Center for Genetic Resources of the Netherland (CGN);
  • IIED;
  • Indonesian PHT Field Guides, about 1500 Agriculture Officer (PHP) experienced in facilitates a Field School, 150 of them have managerial experience in managing training programs, and about 30 of them experienced trained abroad, and the “A-Team” ember of Field Guides Network PHT of Asian countries.

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