Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction

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Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-01-05T19:34:17+00:00

Community-based disaster risk reduction is a community effort to anticipate, and reduce the risk of disasters and mitigation.

With these activities are expected to be able to strengthen the community and in anticipation of accelerating community resilience to disaster risk reduction and disaster relief; supports the creation of regional disaster perspective; facilitate and strengthen the network of farmers ( communities ) as a dynamic organization for undertaking disaster management; expand access to public information the disaster information, as well as pushing or extending support to the activities of disaster risk reduction.

Some of the anticipated activities, reduce, and disaster risk reduction can be done through the strengthening of community organizing, livelihood assessment, development of public access to information on disaster, strengthening community capacity related to the disaster, making a plan of action to reduce disaster risk, and institutional strengthening related to the disaster .

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