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Climate change, or more precisely the elements of climate change impact on ecosystems due to climate -related elements and interact with each other. So it is important to know what’s changed ? And what is the most dominant that can be felt by the public.

What happens in an area and change with climate change rain, wind, heat, cold, dry and others are state of the atmosphere and the interaction between the local biophysical circumstances. Therefore, in addition to analyzing the atmospheric conditions are also important to analyze the local biophysical conditions. Analyzing the interaction between the elements of the climate and the village and biophysical position in relation to climate change will be easier for people to adapt to climate change.

Climate change has disturbed the current of human life and the environment. So it must be anticipated that the adverse effects of climate change are not widespread, and anticipatory measures to deal with. One way is to conduct training on Climate Change Adaptation, with the knowledge and skills face the climate change community organizations, non-governmental organizations, and the government can devise a concerted action to adapt to climate change.

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