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ALIVE (Action for Livelihoods and Environment) is a program of development Village Conservation Model (MDK) to reduce the threat to orangutans and their habitat. The program is supported by USAID-OCSP.

Village Conservation that was developed is a villages management model that align the efforts of environmental conservation with the efforts to increase rural economy. Village Conservation Model is important because there is always conflict between economic interests with the interests of conservation and low community involvement in forest conservation efforts

The program is implemented by a consortium ALIVE – FP3, which consists of three institutions i.e; FIELD, PEKAT, PARAS.

In its implementation, the program uses an approach that combines the Field School Biodiversity Conservation with the strengthening of social and financial capital through the implementation of the Credit Union at the community level.

The Field School is a series of activities by community which started with assessing the livelihoods of the village until the completion of the Village Conservation Action Plan. Followed by raising the support from the public and stakeholders through Gathering Field Day (Field Day), and it ended with the implementation of the action plan.

Credit Union or Usaha Bersama Simpan Pinjam, is an organization of economic cooperation in the improvement and nurturing the values ​​of social capital in the community.

Collectively, these two programs build the capacity of community and local organizations to reduce the threat to orangutan habitat and conserving biodiversity in a sustainable manner, and to develop policies and institutional support. In addition, to encourage women’s key role in stabilizing and improving the condition of vulnerable families and community livelihoods strategies that support habitat conservation.

This program implemented in 6 selected villages (Desa Sampe Raya, Timbang Jaya, Timbang Lawan) Subdistrict Bohorok, Langkat district, North Sumatra and (Desa Pucuk Lembang, Durian Kawan and Pasie Lembang) South Aceh district, Aceh Darussalam Nangro. These villages are located in the buffer zone conservation Gunung Leuser National Park (TNGL). The park is the habitat of rare animals and plants, including which Sumatran orangutan the number declining as a result of forest conversion, illegal logging and wildlife Trade

This activity involves 30 community representatives, two guides and a field staff village ALIVE in every village in the early events.

The end result is a program of conservation village models (in Aceh and North Sumatra) which can be reproduced in a larger scale and able to reduce or minimize the threat to orangutans and their habitat.

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